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I nostri marchi


During April 2013, a state-of-the-art Grand Soleil 43 will be launched, equipped completely by Altomare Pro Sail.

Altomare Pro Sail also coordinates the delivery, assembly and fine tuning of:

  • AXXON MAST carbon mast
  • SMART RIGGING carbon rig
  • ALPHA ROPES racing lines

Altomare Pro Sail, a leading name in sailing equipment, guarantees:

  • economic savings
  • time-saving service
  • interaction between suppliers in order to guarantee the full quality and precision of the product at its delivery
  • professional assembly and fine tuning


Yachts Deliveries Worldwild

The Altomare Pro Sail, with a qualified and certified staff, is able to organize, manage and perform transfers of Sail and Motor boats by sea all over the world.

Some customers from 2015:

CNB 76 - J Six

Solaris 72 - Cefea

Super maxi 86 Morning Glory

Van de Stadt 84' Heindeskipe

Van de Stadt 84 Heindeskipe


Optimizing a regatta boat means optimizing its technical aspects.

Tonnage certificate, sail plan, mast balance, distribution of the onboard weight, adjusting of the instruments... these are some of the elements to be carefully analyzed in order to get the best possible performance from the boat.


ALTOMARE PRO SAIL operates in the sailing field by taking care of all the aspects involved in the technical or logistic organization of a sailboat and its equipment.

Without neglecting the cruiser boat sector, always more sophisticated and efficient, ALTOMARE PRO SAIL focuses on the competitive aspect of sailing, providing technical contributions to regatta boats.

ALTOMARE PRO SAIL and its collaborators offer technical advice for the selection and use of the sails and deck equipment using the rigging service itself.


Total identification of the boat with the name and brand of the sponsor
The boat is named after the sponsor and all of its materials are printed with it. The sails and hull display the colors of the sponsor.  The equipment and artwork are made accordingly.

Logo of the sponsor on the hull and sails
the space displaying the brand name of the sponsor occupies 2/3 of the hull length, the height is negotiable.
this surface is free and customizable.
the boom surface is used to show the brand name(s) of the sponsor(s). In some cases, the side façade of the mast is also used.
the inner surface is usable; the visibility is somewhat limited when sailing, but it is visible while docking and in photos when the boat is careened.

Flags, Boom cover
The flags showing the name of the sponsor or its logo and graphical motifs can be raised before and after the regatta.

Team uniform with the colors and name of the sponsor
The sponsor’s logo and the logo of the clothing sponsor con be written on the clothes (except the oilcloth).

Press agency and review. Photography service
During the regatta season, articles referring to the boats and the team are draw up and sent to local, national and specialized press.
In some stages, a photography service is organized and a dedicated photo book can be prepared.
Press review and photos are included in the sponsoring.

Collateral promotional activity, Incentive and Team building
During the stage, (for any firm that desires it) side events or marketing activities can be organized, such as:
-rental of supporting boats or rafts in the regatta
-a dinner with the team at the end of the regatta
-brief yachting journeys during the non-racing days in order to feel the sailing experience
-boarding during transfers for team-building/sharing moments of various types for clients and company staff
-organization of bonus weekends for company staff
-creation of gadgets related to sailing for clients, company staff and the general public
-writing of ads to include in the presentations organized in the stages

Writing of promotional materials, such as a brochure of the boat, CD, DVD, photos and videos
Marketing materials can be made to promote the company, using the participation as sponsor at the championships and regattas.
To that purpose, audiovisual material can be prepared to be used in advertising and promotional posters.
The photos can be inserted in the brochures and press files, while the clips can be published in the website or sent in CD or DVD format along with the specific promotional material.

Expository spaces and/or stands during the sailing event
A “sailing exhibition” or “sailing village” is usually organized during the stages of a championship, where an ample space is dedicated not only to nautical products or services, but also to the sponsoring firms and manufacturers of luxury products.
In these events, the firm can simply display its services and products or create specific promotional moments, prize draws and distribution of beverages, typical products or gadgets in the exhibit area.


Altomare Pro Sail can provide a professional logistic organization for the duration of the sailing season, at any level.

Altomare Pro Sail takes care of the creation of the crew based on the regatta schedule and of the team and boat transportation arrangements, hotel reservations and planning of the various maintenance tasks required for the boat itself.

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