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ORC 2010 - Barcolana


AltomarePro Sail on board the Dufour 40 E “Isla Bonita” at the 2010 Barcolana, ending with an excellent 128th place among more than 1800 ships!

Article extracted from “Millecanali 406 – December 2010”

ORC 2011 - Capionato Italiano Assoluto ORC

The Isla Bonita season concluded as expected with the Campionato Italiano Assoluto ORC in Trieste. The performance of the Altomare Pro Sail Team was excellent, ending the championship in the 10th Overall Place, 2nd place in Class 2A Cruise/Regatta and 1st place Class 2A Regatta. Moral champion of the Campionato Italiano Class 2A Regatta, with less than 6 ships in the same class, Isla Bonita has competed in Class 1A Regatta, which ended with a one-sided struggle with bigger and more efficient  ships for the 7th place... without a trophy to remember it! But knowing that the maximum possible effort was made with a cruise that has nothing to do with the various TP 52, GP 42...!  Congratulations to the guys of the Team!!!

Prow: Andrea Grigolini, Omar Gonzales
Mast: Mattia, Pablo  Gonzalez
Halyard: Paolo Brizzi
First Trailer: Simone Scontrino, Pancho Gonzalez
Second Trailer: Federico Boscaro, Pier Paolo Sartoretto
Mainsail: Roberto Consentino
Skipper: Marco Augelli

Congratulations are also in order to the sail maker’s shop Olimpic Sails for their excellent sails!

Special thanks to ship-owners Fornasier Bruna and Luigi Panozzo and to the sponsor SI MEDIA, who has believed in the project and the work performed by Altomare Pro Sail!


In its very first outing in ORC, the Altomare Pro Sail Team on board the SI Media, won the 2 Gulfs Cup in Lignani, valid as ORC selection for the Campionato Italiano Assoluto!

We are satisfied by this success, and think we can improve!

Final ranking: link.

ORC 2011 - Mondiale ORC Cherso 2011

An excellent result at the ORC world championship in Cherso for the Isla Bonita 2! In 11th place among more than 60 fierce competitors! The week of the regatta has been characterized mostly by light winds, alternating with two days of bora with blasts of wind up to 25 knots.  The natural background of the spot was truly beautiful! Not so much the organization of the committee of the regatta: the start of two different classes of 60 ships each coincided in the same regatta field, so the races were put at risk due to complications in the scheduling of the beginning of some classes.


The Dufour 40 E “Isla Bonita” will be present in its ORC version at the Two Gulfs in Lingano, at the CampionatoMondiale in Cherso, and at the Campionato Italiano in Trieste.


OVERALL VICTORY in the ORC category for the NM 38 Scugnizza at the long regatta of the Three Gulfs Cup with Marco Augelli as tactician.

From the fireworks at the start to the champagne at the harbor, this is the summary of the victory of the Neapolitan team of Scugnizza and of ship-owner Vincenzo de Blasio who has brought the Senatore Andrea Matarazzo Cup back to Naples. The Cup was bestowed on the winner of the 57th Three Gulfs sailing regatta, organized by the Circolo del Remo e della Vela Italia.

The crew of the Neapolitan section of the Italian Naval League was in first place for almost the entire regatta, from the start at Naples to the Li Galli Islands. It obtained its umpteenth victory of the season succeeding in the ORC rank and winning the Vela d’Oro trophy, crossing the finish line in the first place. The real time sailing trial winner was Argo, the first 44.7 of the Milanese Luciano Manfredi from the Italian YC, who won the Gustavo d’Andrea Cup.


ORC 2012 - 2 Gulfs Cup

Altomare Pro Sail was again successful in the ORC Regatta of the 2 Gulfs Cup in Lignano. With two first places and a second place in the three regattas on board the Isla Bonita 2 with the ship-owner Luigi Panozzo at the helm and Marco Augelli as tactician, winning the Cup.

ORC 2012 - Si Media Cres 2012

A splendid week of races in Cherso for the ORC championship in the Mediterranean. After a series of very intense races, the Si Media of the Altomare Pro Sail Team won fourth place. Third place was maintained until the last trial and was unfortunately conditioned by the weak winds of the last day, which are not appropriate for this ship, for it favors strong winds. In fact, two first places and a second place were the results with winds of 12 to 20 knots. The other results with lighter winds were mediocre.


The ORC World Championship will take place at Ancona between the 21st and 29th of June, 2013.

Altomare Pro Sail will be present with two different ships: the SI MEDIA Dufour 40 Isla Bonita and the new GPS ReisacherGmbh& C. KG Grand Soleil 43, in the Non-Corinthian and Corinthian Divisions respectively.

The SI MEDIA Dufour 40 Isla Bonita will also participate in the 500-mile race of the Thienòt Cup in Caorle.

Sailing whit Altomare Pro Sail Team

Winning the Leg 2
European Championship ORC
Cherso 2014

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